Gateway to healthcare

Like all new ideas, there was a problem that could be solved; Checkit's founders have worked together for many years, particularly in medical technology. In an attempt to introduce new innovative technologies into underdeveloped markets, there was a realization that the only way to bring innovation into these markets was through setting up great foundations.

Meet checkit, the gateway into healthcare. By laying down the foundations in underserved markets, checkit can now successfully introduce all the innovative medical technology companies can provide


Making healthcare available and affordable for everyone everywhere

Our mission is to make health care available and affordable for everyone everywhere. By working and collaborating with Governments, NGO's and the international community, we have finally made it possible. Checkit will bring about a healthier and better world for future generations.

Core values

We break down barriers so healthcare professionals can focus on what matters.

  • Patients First

    Checkit's systematic workflows ensure no patient gets unchecked. With direct communication through the portal, patients feel like they are receiving the proper care they deserve

  • Act With Integrity

    We are here to help; you can rely on our solution to always be transparent and accurate. Checkit's team and leadership ensure that all interactions are administered with the highest level of integrity while maintaining strict morals and principles

  • Make a Difference Every Day

    We've started a long journey; well-care pioneered by Checkit will eventually be everywhere. Until checkit truly makes health care accessible and affordable, we pride ourselves on the impact we make every day. Every patient we test is another patient who receives the care they deserve

  • Think Big

    To truly make a difference, we have tailored a solution that can be deployed in any environment worldwide. Doesn't matter how harsh or how uninhabitable, if there is a patient that needs well care checkit will be there

  • Do the right thing

    Checkit is constantly learning and adapting itself to ensure we only work with clinically backed innovative technologies

  • Stronger united

    The world is big; we understand that collaborative work will bring a true impact. At checkit, we are open to all sorts of collaborations that we believe will assist us in our mission to make health care available to everyone everywhere

We’re Always Searching for Amazing People to Join our Team

We're lively, not corporate. We have the energy and boldness of a startup and the expertise and pragmatism of a scale-up.