Easily manage your new or existing health screening program

Holistic healthcare solutions with automated workflow & optimization.


Customized workflows

Community health programs, corporate wellness, school screenings, or individual patients - Checkit works with you to build your tailored solution.

Transfer of Data

Transferring data

Checkit facilitates the integration and transmission of data between multiple information networks directly to and from your Checkit profile.


Personalized live dashboard

All health assessment data is consolidated and available on live dashboards for easy monitoring of your screening operation.

Reduce Admin Work

Minimize admin overhead

Digital consent forms, online patient questionnaires, billing, automated patient reports, and more.

Patient flow

Expedite patient overview

Exam data is streamlined to the Checkit platform directly from healthcare tools while collecting all data points and preserving data integrity.


Secure data

Checkit uses the latest encryption technology to ensure your data is secure and protected at all times.

Easy Integration

Seamlessly communicate with dozens of medical devices

Checkit is compatible with a wide range of medical devices and can be integrated with your existing systems. Whether you’re using a single device or a combination of devices, Checkit can help you streamline your workflow and improve patient care.

Vision Screening

Body Vitals

Audio Screening

Body Metrics

Body Health

Improve patient outcomes

Providing better care is the goal of everyone. Checkit helps you achieve that goal by providing you a platform that help you communicate and share health records with your patients, and helps you monitor their health over time. While keeping their data secure and protected.

Patient monitoring

Patients who need further medical attention are flagged for continuous monitoring. This helps you to provide the right care at the right time.

Patient privacy

Ensure patient data safety and privacy with safeguards as audit logs, encryption, and authentication

Patient access

Patients can access their personal health records to view and download. They can also share their records with doctors and other healthcare providers.