Easily Manage your Corporate Wellness Programs

Partner with Checkit to easily manage any health assessment workflow as part of your holistic corporate wellness program.

Checkit management platform designed for organizations providing well-care preventative services. The platform improves the workflow efficiency and provides an end-to-end automation of the patients’ journey.

  • Establish a regular schedule of health screenings, and build, dashboards
  • Customized workflows including digital consent forms, employee questionnaires, and more
  • Integrate with well-care medical devices for expedited workflow and maintaining data integrity

Checkit offers a comprehensive well-care package for employees that includes:

  • Vision Screening
  • Audio Screening
  • Body Vitals
  • Body Metrics
  • Employee questionnaires

Benefits of Checkit

Better Care - Employee can easily monitor their progress via secure access to their current and historical records.

Reduced Costs - Seamlessly reduce program costs as you minimize administrative overhead and manual data capturing

Real-Time Dashboards - Customized dashboards helps manage the program progress and identify employees with potential health issues.

Checkit compared with other solutions
Without CheckitWith Checkit
AdministrationManual collection of paper forms, employee consents, and payments

Estimated time: 3 hours*
Bulk email sent to employee with a link for online consent form and payment

Automated Workflow
Health screeningDocumenting patients’ information, verifying payment and consent forms, documenting the screening result

Estimated time: 20 hours*
Employee information is available in advance and exam results are logged directly to the platform

Estimated time: 4 hours*
Share screening resultsFilling a printed letter to the employee with the exam results

Estimated time: 3 hours*
Employees receive a link to view their screening result on the Checkit portal

Automated Workflow
Statistics and follow-upCollecting results documented on paper forms into a spreadsheet for further review and follow-up

Estimated time: 10 hours*
Live dashboard and reports flagging employee which require further follow-up

Automated Workflow

*Average time based on 100 employees