Every child deserves a healthy start in life

Why is preventive care for children so important?

Preventive care for children ensure that children are healthy and safe throughout their childhood and into adulthood. Children who receive regular health screenings are more likely to have better health outcomes and fulfill their academic potential, as many health issues can affect child’s development, social skills, academic performance, and overall quality of life.

The World Health Organization recommends periodic health screening to identify potential health problems in childhood.

In most cases, early detection and intervention will improve the child’s health, as treatment is more effective if begin early and may reduce the risk of permanent conditions or chronic illnesses in adulthood. Preventive care can also help to reduce health care costs, as conditions are mitigated at an early stage.

How can Checkit help you?

Checkit solution designed for organizations providing well-care preventative services, from school screening companies to NGOs and organizations fulfilling government tenders.

Checkit management platform can help you establish a regular schedule of health screenings for children, such as an annual physical, vision and hearing tests, and vaccinations. This will help you identify potential health problems early and get the children the care they need. Checkit will provide you with the management tools to identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions about your program.

Checkit also provides tools to help you educate parents and caregivers on the importance of regular health screenings and the potential risks associated with not getting them.

Checkit compared with other solutions
Without CheckitWith Checkit
AdministrationManual collection of paper forms, parental consents, and payments

Estimated time: 3 hours*
Bulk email sent to parents with a link for online consent form and payment

Automated Workflow
Health screeningDocumenting patients’ information, verifying payment and consent forms, documenting the screening result

Estimated time: 20 hours*
Children information is available in advance and exam results are logged directly to the platform

Estimated time: 4 hours*
Share screening resultsFilling a printed letter to the parents with the exam results

Estimated time: 3 hours*
Parents receive a link to view their child’s screening result on the Checkit portal

Automated Workflow
Statistics and follow-upCollecting results documented on paper forms into a spreadsheet for further review and follow-up

Estimated time: 10 hours*
Live dashboard and reports flagging children which require further follow-up

Automated Workflow

*Average time based on 100 children

Need help with your health screening program?

Entry to healthcare

Finding a problem is the first step to solving it

Well-care can help detect initial problems by allowing individuals to monitor and track their health over time. Through regular check-ups and screenings, potential health issues can be identified early and addressed appropriately.

Well-care can also provide access to preventive services such as vaccinations and health education. This allows individuals to make informed decisions about their health and take proactive steps to manage any underlying conditions before they become more serious.

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